In Germany, the Renewable Energies Act ensured the operation of biogas plants for the next decades. Other countries follow and promote energy production with the help of biogas. However, the pressure to optimize increases due to the scarcity and price increase of plant-based raw material. Plant operators are forced to substitute classic substrates like maize by alternative material that is more difficult to digest.

In view of these facts, the use of enzymes is highly recommendable.

NovaBiotec Dr. Fechter GmbH developed the enzyme preparation NOVALIN. Besides cellulose, NOVALIN is also conducive to the decomposition of lignocelluloses for the first time. Therefore, high-fiber biomass like green waste or solid manure can be decomposed way faster and to a higher degree. Independent analysis show a higher (degree of) decomposition of lignin structures and cellulose fiber up to 25 respectively 14 %.

Among others, the use of NOVALIN leads to a higher biogas yield, lower viscosity and the reduction of floating sludge, a decreased substrate input and ultimately to a more stable plant operation. The dosage of NOVALIN is very easy because of the product’s liquid formula.

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Facts for the Use of NOVALIN in Biogas Plants


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Moreover, we recommend the use of our enzyme product NOVAPLUS. It can be applied to biogas and sewage plants. There, the addition of NOVAPLUS leads to a higher production of digester gas, an improved sludge dewatering, and a significant minimization of disposal costs.

In the biogas field, we cooperate with HeGo Biotec GmbH. With their product FerroSorp, HeGo Biotec specialized on the desulfurization of biogas.