RIDA® Cube Scan: the new rapid test for organic acids

We would like to introduce to you the new on-site testkit for the analysis of organic acids in the hydrolysis, fermenter, digested residue and silage (eluate). Take the opportunity and test the new system in our workshops on April 9 and 13 in Berlin. Please see our invitation and registration form.


Get more information to the RIDA® Cube Scan and its application. We welcome all interested plant owners, laboratories and research and development companies and look forward to your registration.






The fermentation of organic substrates in biogas plants is characterized by complex biological processes. Even small procedural changes – like a change of substrates, recirculation, stirring intervals or the concentration of H2S – can affect the plant’s biology and profitability. In this context, specific, measurable parameters are not only evidence of the current biological condition of the plant. Moreover, the parameters

  1. give indication of the development of biological processes in the biogas plant and
  2. show consequences due to procedural modifications at an early stage.


Hence, the analysis and determination of these parameters becomes an important tool for monitoring and operating a biogas plant. For some parameters, one is even obliged to provide proof.

NovaBiotec Dr. Fechter GmbH offers the analysis of the following parameters:


Organic Acids:

Organic acids belong to those parameters that – when – contribute to a stable operating biogas plant. In Germany, plant operators are obliged to analyze these acids when using dry fermentation. Therefore a steady analysis is not only reasonable but could be obligatory.


On-Site Measurement of Organic Acids:

So far, the determination of C2-C6 acids is costly and time-consuming. On-site, there is only the possibility to determine the sum parameter (acetic acid equivalents).

In Germany, NovaBiotec now offers an on-site measurement for the spectrum of organic acids (quantitative determination). Due to our mobile method of measurement via HPLC, we are able to give a precise, representative and written result in approximately one hour. Procedural modifications can be derived immediately.


Measurement of Organic Acids in our Laboratory:

Of course, we also analyze the spectrum of organic acids in our laboratory. Send us your samples and you get an equally exact and written result of analysis within 2 days.


DM/LOI and pH-Value:

Besides the measurement of organic acids, NovaBiotec also offers the analysis of the parameters dry matter (DM), loss on ignition (LOI), and pH-value. One day after receipt of the samples, you will get the analysis’ results.