Repowering - Project REBIOTEC


The project REBIOTEC consists of a group of regional partners. With the help of technic-biological repowering, the project’s goal is to significantly raise the profitability of biogas plants.

Managed by NovaBiotec, REBIOTEC plans to meet the “increased use of biogenous waste material” (strategy of the State of Brandenburg, October 2010) and wants to attempt the rising need for the optimization of biogas plants (especially due to the high price of substrates).

By pooling different fields of expertise like planning, biological support, analytics, substrate management, and biogenous material, our projects cover several measures to raise the profitability of biogas plants:


-          Diversification and substitution of raw material/substrates

-          Use of biogenous waste material

-          Optimization of the plant's energetic concept

-          Retrofitting of existing biogas plants

-          Generating possible bonuses

-          Increasing the biogas production



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