Building Services Engineering


Building Services Engineering


The NovaBiotec Dr. Fechter GmbH is an engineering office and laboratory that has specialized in the detection, analysis and valuation of hazardous substances. The spectrum of analyzed substances ranges from environmental and building pollutants to biologic and chemic indoor pollutants. Locating and valuating faults and damages concerning the building biology – such as mould and dry rot infestation – are also part of our portfolio.


We support our prinicipals from the detection of (non-) dangerous waste/hazardous material to its disposal including the required electronic verification management.


As qualified samplers, we analyze air, contact, material and wooden samples. Due to our close cooperation to accredited laboratories as SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS GmbH and PiCA Prüfinstitut Chemische Analytik GmbH, we cover all chemical, physical and micro-biological parameters.


Our qualified staff and many years of experience made NovaBiotec the market leader in Berlin-Brandenburg and guarantee highest quality standards in sampling, transport, analysis, reporting and archiving.


On the basis of the results of analyses, we create renovation concepts and action plans. We conduct all tasks that are required for a successful planning and execution of renovation works. During this process, NovaBiotec orientates itself by the phases of the HOAI, if wished by the principal. We provide experienced architects, engineers and technicians with specialized skills, knowledge and qualifications for a successful project management.


Besides worldwide accepted companies, NovaBiotec’s base of customers consists of federal agencies, senate administrations, foundations, building managers (VDI 6022), housing associations as well as private households.