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Nova Biotec also may exercise its functions only with the aid of electronic data processing (EDP).

During the processing of their personal data, we observe the Federal Data Protection Act.

The use of our website is usually possible without providing personal information. Where you are on our sides personal data (such as name, address or email address), this is on a voluntary basis. These data are transmitted without encryption and without your express consent to third parties.




Note on external links

The Nova Biotec is responsible for the content provider's "own content" that he is ready for use, in accordance with general laws. These own contents and cross references ("links") to the contents provided by other content providers. Through the link, the Nova Biotec makes "third-party content" available for use. For this foreign content is only responsible if they (ie also of illegal or punishable contents) positive knowledge has and it him technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use.

On cross-references are always "living" (dynamic) references. The Nova Biotec has sent the link was first checked the external content to establish whether they provide a possible civil or criminal liability. But it is not required by law, the content to which he refers in his bid to constantly check for any changes which might give rise to liability. Only when they establish, or by others that a concrete offer to which he has provided a cross reference to civil or criminal liability, he will remove the link to this site, where this is technically possible and reasonable.